Research Essay The Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a worldwide disease that is infecting many places. The disease is now spreading worldwide and affecting more people than expected . The US now has more cases than any other place in the world . This entire virus began in Wuhan , China and now comes to the states . Everywhere in the world is taking precautions because they are trying to avoid spreading the virus anywhere . Corona can lead to death if your immune system isn’t strong enough , but if your immune system is then you’ll only experience short time suffering.
The Coronavirus is a disease spreading throughout the world and causing a worldwide panic in the states . In the article written by The Washington Post the article tells how there are 104,000 confirmed cases in the US now . Although the virus started in China it was brought here to the states by people travelling . The first case that was known in the US was a family coming back from a trip and they didn't know they were infected until tested.
This COVID-19 virus or the Coronavirus , has different types and one is deadlier than the other . The first type isn’t deadly but it isn't damaging to your immune system but the COVID-19 is damaging to your immune system. If you are a person with a weak immune system, then you are at risk for having more severe consequences. People with a weak immune system and people with diabetes are more likely to have more of a problem with this virus because it attacks your immune system . The article written by Elemental recites that most corona-virus related deaths are caused by your immune system going haywire or your system just giving up fighting back . The virus makes your system act some type of way and it could sometimes cause your system to just give up.
Coronavirus is spread through physical contact and even sneezing or coughing . Another way to explain how it spreads is by not washing your hands and being clean . You have to keep clean and you must wash your hands , another thing you must learn to do is practice social distancing. The government has asked that you need to practice social distancing and you shouldn't have gatherings over 10 people . In the article written by The New York Times it states that Trump said no gatherings over 10 people.
The Coronavirus attacks your immune system and causes it to go off. The virus is spread through sneezing and coughing , this is why you must keep your distance from people and wash your hands to be clean. The United States doesn't have the highest number of cases of the virus but we're catching up to the highest . House necessities are now to be purchased to a limit , things such as toilet paper or hand sanitizer. is a place where you can have a look at various rhetorical analysis topics. They are absolutely free and can be used to do your own assignments.